Hours Calculator

Hours calculator is a free online tool that allows you to find the time duration between start time and end time.

About Hours Calculator

Hours calculator is an easy-to-use online tool that calculates time duration between two sets of times in hours and minutes. It is also known as Time Duration Calculator. Even more, it's very easy to operate. Just enter the start and end time then press the "Calculate" button to get the result. Also, it's very useful as well as handy when it comes to calculating hours and minutes between start and end time.

Hours Calculator Online - Free Time Duration Calculator

This online tool allows you to manually enter the time from where you want to start and end the calculation. Then the algorithm behind the calculator gives the accurate time difference in hours and minutes.

Now, forget the old ways of finding the time difference. It is the one-stop destination for all your time calculating needs. Furthermore, the process is very simplified for easy and fast usage.

How does it work?

It's not magic, hours calculator uses some predefined algorithms in order to calculate the time. A simple arithmetic calculation is involved to calculate the time duration. Let's understand the complete process.


Suppose, Start time = 10:05 AM and End time = 12:30 PM. Find out the hours and minutes between these two times.

Firstly, subtract the hours of start and end time.
10 – 12 = 2

Secondly, subtract the minutes of start and end time. Also, ignore the negative value.
5 – 30 = -25 (ignore minus sign) = 25

Now, you have the hour and minute difference. So, combine them to get the final result.

Final time = 2 Hours 25 Minutes

1 Hour = 60 Minutes

So, Total Minutes = 60 + 60 + 25 = 145

The same process runs behind the hood of the hours and minutes calculator. Also, the complete process gets finished in less than a second.

Why use Time Duration Calculator?

Following are some advantages that make you use our time duration calculator.

  • Fast Calculation: Get instant hours and minutes result in less than a second. The same process would take more time when you go for a manual calculation.
  • Accurate Results: As discussed earlier, the tool uses predefined algorithms for calculating the time. Hence, every input goes through the same process. Therefore, the result can never be incorrect. So, the tool ensures 100% accuracy.
  • Simple User Interface: The user interface of the tool is very simple and anyone can easily use it without any trouble.
  • Free to Use: The tool is absolutely free to use. No hidden charges or anything.
  • No Signup or Login: This simple web application just requires it to be loaded on your web browser. That's it! You don't need to do any kind of login or registration in order to use it.
  • Handy and Lightweight: It is a cross-platform tool that can be used anywhere anytime. Just you need a device with Internet access with decent Internet speed.

Features of Hours Calculator

Our online Hours Calculator is loaded with many features that we are going to discuss one by one below. By knowing about all the features, you can better understand the tool and use it to the fullest.

  • Start Time: It is the input area for the start time. You can enter the starting time in an hour and a minute. Then specifies whether it is "AM" or "PM".
  • End Time: It's an input area for the end time. Same as start time, the end time also allows you to enter time in an hour and a minute. Here also you have to specify whether it is AM or PM.
  • Calculate: After entering the values, use the "Calculate" button to calculate and display the time duration.
  • Reset: This button will reset all the input fields. So, you can use them again for the new calculation.
  • Final Result Area: The final time duration output is displayed in the result area. Also, the resultant value is in hours and minutes format.


There are many real-life uses of the time duration calculator. From personal usage to business applications, it can be effectively used anywhere.

  • Manage Personal Time Card: Using the time duration calculator you can easily manage and update your personal time card. For example, you can calculate the time period elapsed during some activity. Also, you can check how many hours you have worked on any task or project.
  • Payroll Management: Businesses can use the tool to manage their payroll effectively. It will save your time and effort.
  • Countdown: If you are planning something and want to know the time left, you can use this tool to know how much exact time remains.

There are many more purposes for which you can use the Hours Calculator for making your work faster and easier.

How to use Time Duration Calculator?

Firstly, open the Hours Calculator on your web browser and follow the steps below.

How to use Hours Calculator?
  1. Set the Start and End Time by filling the respective input boxes. You can either manually type or use the buttons provided to increase or decrease the values.
  2. Press the "Calculate" button to trigger the time duration calculation and display the result.
  3. To again use the tool or vacant the fields press the "Reset" button.


You can use our tool unlimited times. There is no usage limit. Every time you will get accurate and fast results.

Our tool supports only a 12-hour time format. So, make sure that the time you have entered is in the proper 12-hours format. Otherwise, it will give you an incorrect output.

Enter the current time in the start time and set midnight time in the end time. Calculate the result and it will show you the time remaining.

Yes, of course, you can use this on your mobile or iPad. Because it's mobile and iPad responsive. It works fine on any handy devices.

Use the "Reset" button to refresh the calculator. It will make all the fields empty for the new calculation.


This was all about the Hours Calculator online tool which allows you to easily, quickly, and accurately find the time duration between two sets of times. It has a wide range of applications and benefits. And of course, it's completely free to use. No calculation limits or subscription charges. Just open it and start using it anytime.