Hours Calculator

The hours calculator calculates the total number of hours and minutes between the start and end times.

For a full time card, use the Time Card Calculator.

How to Use the Hours Calculator?

To use the calculator, follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, input the start and end times and select the 'AM' or 'PM'. The tool supports a 12-hour time format. So, ensure the hours are between 0-12 and the minutes between 0-60.
  2. After entering the time, press the 'Calculate' button to generate the final results.
  3. As a result, the tool returns the hours and minutes and the total minutes.
  4. Press the 'Reset' option for the new calculations.

How to Calculate the Hours and Minutes Between Two Times?

Let's understand it with an example.


Find out the hours and minutes between the following times:

Start time = 10:05 AM
End time = 12:30 PM


First, subtract the start time hours from the end time hours.

12 - 10 = 2

Similarly, subtract the start time minutes from the end time minutes.

30 - 5 = 25

Now combine both results.

So, the duration between start and end times is 2 Hours 25 Minutes.

1 Hour = 60 Minutes

Total Minutes = 60 + 60 + 25 = 145.